Expedition Voyage Around Spitsbergen in Depth

(13 days / 12 nights)

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Have an Arctic Adventure this Summer!

This exciting holiday is similar to the Expedition Voyage Around Spitsbergen but with additional days to explore in Longyearbyen. On this journey we will venture out among the ice and tundra in search of the elusive polar bear and encounter icebergs, glaciers and unique wildlife such as lounging seals, grazing reindeer and colonies of birds. All with extra daylight from the midnight sun!

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A day-by-day plan to guide your arctic expedition.

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  • Day 1: Welcome to the Arctic

    Arrive at Longyear Airport in Svalbard followed by a shuttle transfer to your accommodation for the night. After check-in, the rest of the day is free time to explore Longyearbyen as you wish, perhaps with a visit to the Svalbard Museum to learn more about Svalbard‘s history as a hunting and mining outpost.

    Spend the next two nights at Basecamp Trappers Hotel in Longyearbyen.

  • Day 2: Longyearbyen at Your Leisure

    Located in the Advent Fjord at the entrance of the Advent Valley, Longyearbyen is one of the world’s northernmost towns as well as Svalbard’s largest settlement with around 2,000 inhabitants, mostly Norwegians and some Russians. After breakfast at the hotel, the day is yours to explore more of your unique surroundings. Enjoy a stroll around Longyearbyen, visit the Svalbard Gallery, do some shopping or join in one of the many optional day tours.

    Spend another night in Longyearbyen.

  • Day 3: All Aboard! Voyage Begins

    In the morning, relax in Longyearbyen or join an optional guided tour. Later, meet with your group at 14:00 and board the cruise ship, the MS Expedition at 16:00. After departing from Longyearbyen harbour, you have some time to settle in before your introduction to the expedition team and a gourmet welcome dinner in the ship’s restaurant.

    Spend the next ten nights on board the ship. 

  • Day 4: Around Spitsbergen - Open Program Days 4 - 12

    The cruise does not follow a set itinerary over the next days, Day 4 - 12. Instead, in true expedition style, the crew will determine the routes and activities that offer the very best experiences. Each day is planned to take advantage of local ice and weather conditions.

    We will spend these next several days exploring this remote area of the polar regions, visiting ice-covered fjords and glacier edges and steaming through the sea ice in search of polar bears hunting seals. At one or more of the stops, you may also encounter Arctic foxes and reindeer. Our goal is to give travellers the best possible opportunity to see wildlife and incredible landscapes in and around the Svalbard archipelago.

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  • Day 5: Open Program Days 4 - 12

    Enjoy more activities today as determined by the expert crew. Sailing past fjords with breathtaking scenery and glaciers flowing into the sea, the cruise will make some shore stops during the week, giving you an opportunity to observe and photograph the Arctic flora and fauna up close. Your expedition leaders will also provide information about the vegetation’s adaptations to what is considered a harsh Arctic environment.

  • Day 6: Open Program Days 4 - 12

    Enjoy more activities today as determined by the expert crew. At one or more of the stops this week, you may see Svalbard’s unique sub-species of reindeer or some Arctic foxes. 

  • Day 7: Open Program Days 4 - 12

    Enjoy more activities today as determined by the expert crew. This is a land rich in history, including whaling, trapping, coal mining, war and expeditions to reach the North Pole. The cruise will include stops to some historic sites, where you can learn about the various cultural influences in Svalbard over the ages. 

  • Day 8: Open Program Days 4 - 12

    Enjoy more activities today as determined by the expert crew. Svalbard is one of the few places on the planet to offer such a plethora of natural and historical extravaganzas. Whether you're a professional or amateur photographer, this voyage offers ample opportunities to hone your skills and add amazing pictures to your album.

  • Day 9: Open Program Days 4 - 12

    Enjoy more activities today as determined by the expert crew. During Zodiac excursions along the icy edges this week, it may be possible to view seals or walruses. And seeing as this is the land of the polar bear, your expedition staff will carry rifles and flare guns on shore for your protection in case some of these amazing creatures make an appearance.

  • Day 10: Open Program Days 4 - 12

    Enjoy more activities today as determined by the expert crew. As we're so far north in the Arctic Circle, you'll be able to experience the midnight sun phenonmenon, in which the sun doesn't fully set on and around the Summer Solstice. You may find it challenging to sleep with all that daylight, but you'll have far more time to enjoy the jaw-drapping coastal scenery and extra opportunities for spotting birds and wildlife.

  • Day 11: Open Program Days 4 - 12

    Enjoy more activities today as determined by the expert crew. Bird lovers will be in for a treat this week! Ivory gulls will be a highlight and, ice permitting, the ship will approach spectacular bird cliffs filled with thousands of murres (guillemots) as well as kittiwakes and glaucous gulls. A little auk colony may also be on the agenda during the week.

  • Day 12: Open Program Days 4 - 12

    Enjoy more activities today as determined by the expert crew. On some departures, we will explore alternative routes to maximize your time in this remote destination. Early season voyages often provide the greatest opportunity to see large ice floes in the Arctic pack ice, which usually means excellent wildlife viewing. Later season voyages allow us to cover more territory, which may allow us to explore the entire archipelago. This can lead into the less explored regions of Nordaustlandet and Kvitøya or the continental edges where large whales are attracted by nutrient rich upwelling. Ice conditions sometimes allow us to sail through the Hinlopenstretet towards the east coast of Spitsbergen, then through Freemansundet towards the south.

    By late evening, the expedition ship will be anchored off Longyearbyen.

  • Day 13: Departure from Longyearbyen

    Arrive back to the harbor at Longyearbyen and disembark in the morning. Before heading to Longyear Airport in the afternoon for you departure flight, enjoy some free time in Longyearbyen with a stroll around town or some last minute souvenir shopping.



Here’s a map of your travel route, to help put things in perspective.


Sleep soundly, in the accommodation type of your choice, and wake up ready to enjoy another day of exploration.


On a cruise: Shared room with full ensuite washroom and porthole window on board M/S Expedition. In Budget you will be paired in t..



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Tour Information

50% deposit required: This package requires a deposit payment of 50% of the total price at the time of booking since it contains certain travel arrangements. See details
Our travel consultants can assist you with booking a flight to Svalbard; contact us for details.
This tour is subject to limited availability—we suggest booking well in advance.
This package can be customized to meet your needs including additional nights in Longyearbyen, Oslo or Tromsø. We can also combine this tour with other packages in Norway, Sweden, Iceland or Greenland;
Service & Accommodation on board the MS Expedition 
Experiencing the Arctic doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Even though the 105-metre long MS Expedition was constructed with polar exploration in mind, guests can expect delightful amenities such as an exercise room, sauna, sun deck, dining room, pub and more. The ship also boasts comfortable accommodation in twin/triple-shared cabins and suites, all with ensuite bathrooms and ocean-view portholes or windows. 
Enjoy casual dining with a variety of gourmet international cuisines prepared by professional chefs. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice and vegetarians will find plenty of options. All meals are included in the price along with coffee, tea and water. All other beverages, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, can be purchased separately in the dining room, pub or lounge. 
If you want to book your private cabin, please contact us for details. 
Budget - Category 1 = Shared triple cabin 
Simple - Category 2 = Twin
Comfort - Category 3 = Twin 
Quality - Category 4 = Twin 
Luxury - Category 5 = Double suite
Itinerary Disclaimer 
Due to the nature of an expedition cruise in the Arctic region, travel can be unpredictable. Therefore, the crew of the MS Expedition keeps the itinerary flexible to make any necessary or desirable changes to the routes and activities depending on local ice and weather conditions. Thus, any travel times listed are approximations only and are subject to local circumstances. Furthermore, any mention of specific destinations or wildlife is by no means a guarantee that they will be visited or encountered. 
The MS Expedition Team 
All voyages are led by a team of carefully selected and experienced professionals, including naturalists and other experts who provide information about each destination with stimulating lectures, day-to-day briefings and informal discussions. All aspects of the voyage are covered, including ornithology, marine biology, geography, geology, history, the environment and practical things like photography. This allows guests to sharpen their observation skills and get the most out of each destination.
Environmental protection and tourism in Svalbard: 
“You are welcome to return to Svalbard when no one has noticed you’ve already been here.” Svalbard’s vegetation is very exposed, particularly due to the permafrost, and destruction of flora can leave a lasting scar on the landscape. All vegetation is therefore protected and all traces of human activity up to 1945 are regarded as cultural monuments. Svalbard’s Environmental Act strictly regulates travel on Svalbard, so if you are planning a trip alone outside of Administration Area 10 (central parts of Spitsbergen), you must inform the Ombudsman and show proof of insurance.
Polar bears and visitor safety in Svalbard: 
The polar bear is probably the foremost symbol of Svalbard’s wildlife and it is a truly exhilarating experience to see them in their natural habitat. Keep in mind that Svalbard prohibits coaxing, pursuing, or disturbing polar bears in such a way that endangers humans or the bears themselves. Attacks on humans, though rare, can be lethal. Therefore, on all guided tours and activities, visitor safety is overseen by experienced guides who carry shotguns at all times and let off warning shots if needed. The authorities in Svalbard, together with the joint travel industry, encourage participation in organised, guided activities in order to protect both visitors and polar bears.
Currency rate
All bookings are charged in Euros (EUR). Prices displayed in other currencies are indicative only and based on the daily exchange rate. Therefore, conversions from EUR to other currencies will fluctuate from day to day.
After booking with Nordic Visitor
After booking your package with Nordic Visitor, you will be contacted within two working days by one of our travel consultants, who will serve as your dedicated contact person for all of your travel needs before, during and even after your holiday. Your travel consultant will provide you with details about your booking and your remaining payment (if not paid in full). You will also receive more information about what to expect during your holiday.

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